Harley Bourbon's music has strong Outlaw Country and Punk overtones, but they have also been known to perform Folk Irish originals. This band can not be described adequately using any particular genre or definition. They can be found anywhere from back yards & dive bars, to big venues and festivals.

Harley Bourbon is

The incredible Kylan Johnson on Electric Guitar, Nolan the Party Shark Thompson on Upright Bass, Avery James Graveman on drums, and The one and only John Forrest on Acoustic guitar and Vox




"Old Empty Bottle is packed top to bottom with strong songs and strong performances. It's a heck of a listen"

- Ben Salmon - The Bulletin

"Harley Bourbon hit the pavement hard this past summer, playing anywhere and everywhere, quickly appealing to fans of other acoustic rock bands."

- Mike Bookey, From the Ground Up: Harley Bourbon's fast track DIY path to making great acoustic rock music

"Both bands were great. I had never heard Harley Bourbon before, but they've got Lucero's sandpaper-throated alt-country down pat. I look forward to seeing them again."

- Ben Salmon - The Bulletin, This week in GO! Magazine's music section

"Don't miss this rootsy, raging, acoustic rock band."

- Les Schwab Ampitheater

"Eager to keep moving and see the sights, I mobbed down Broadway to John Henry's to catch Bend's Harley Bourbon. These guys do the barroom-bluegrass-rock shtick pretty well. They got me stomping my feet and dying for a whiskey (seven days sober... ugh)."

- Fatty - Sometimes I Wanna "Zack Morris Timeout" Downtown: Show Hoppin' 10/22